Comfort / Courtesy Services

Our patients' satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If we can do anything to make your visit more pleasant, please do not hesitate to ask!


We do our best to stay on-time and to see you at your reserved time. We realize that your time is valuable and do our best not to keep you waiting. We strive to "go the extra mile" for our patients, and book more time per patient than other offices in order to be sure to have time to answer your questions and take excellent care of you. If we do happen to be running behind, please be patient with us; we promise to take the same time with you as with the patient that's kept us! And, please remember that true emergencies cannot be predicted.

Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation

We can provide nitrous oxide analgesia and light oral sedation for our anxious patients. Please ask us for more information.

Reliable Dental Anesthesia

Your comfort is important to us; as such, we use a computerized anesthetic delivery system for most dental injections. Patients report very little discomfort with these injections.

"The Little Things"

We pride ourselves on giving a little bit extra! We hope you'll enjoy some of the following:

  • Most of our dental chairs are equipped with light massagers, and we provide memory foam pillows and cushions for your neck and back. Cozy blankets are available upon request.
  • Headphones with a variety of musical selections can be worn during dental treatment; we also provide sunglasses for protection from bright lights. Feel free to bring your own music player or sunglasses to your appointment if you'd prefer.
  • Our waiting room is equipped with a variety of beverages; feel free to help yourself to coffee, tea, juice, or water. And there are no outdated, worn-out magazines hereā€”our selection is constantly updated and rotated!
  • Lip balm and breath re-fresheners are used to ensure that your mouth feels fresh and comfortable during and after your treatment.
  • Complimentary paraffin hand waxing is available!