We pride ourselves on serving the special dental needs of children and teenagers. Below are some guidelines; please feel free to email or call the office to discuss your child’s needs! Follow each link to read official ADA information about the service in which you’re interested.

Smiling toddler

First Dental Visit

We recommend seeing a child as soon as his/her first tooth erupts; we feel it is important for a child to establish a “dental home” and to become comfortable with Dr. Price, her team, and the office. A child’s first examination is typically performed in his/her parent’s lap, and lots of positive reinforcement is given. By beginning care early, we are often able to detect problems before they become severe. We can also provide valuable education and instruction to parents and caregivers, and Dr. Price can prescribe fluoride supplements as needed and can provide in-office fluoride treatments to very young children.

Supplemental Dental Visits

Following the first dental visit, we prefer to see children every six months. Beginning at about age three, we are able to take limited digital radiographs, which allow us to check the primary teeth and developing permanent teeth, and we can usually begin professional cleaning of the teeth. By beginning dental visits early, children are rarely fearful of the office and are usually very cooperative. For children that require more specialized care, we can facilitate referral to a pediatric dental specialist.

Child at dentist
Child brushing teeth with mom.


Deep pits and fissures on newly-erupted molars (typically appearing around age six) are a common place for cavities to develop. By placing preventive resin-based dental sealants and promoting excellent dental hygiene at home, we can often prevent cavities from developing.

Talking About Dental Visits with Young Children

Remember to use reassuring, non-threatening terms, and talk positively about your own dental experiences. Reading books or watching children’s television programs about going to the dentist may be helpful; if you have questions or if we may assist, please let us know!


Office Manager

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